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Housing for Single Moms

Housing for Single Moms

SHE IS HOPE LA - Single Moms, Housing & Empowerment Inspiring Self-Confidence (through) Hope, Opportunity, Perseverance & Education Los Angeles.    

Because a majority of single mothers are usually left with little or no credit, money or support, SHE IS HOPE LA will help bridge the gap that currently exists over poverty and give them a new hope, a new direction and a new purpose.    

SHE IS HOPE LA will provide emotional, physical and financial tools and services to help guide single mothers through every aspect of supporting themselves and their child/children.  We will also provide resources that are available, but take care of basic needs like affordable, temporary housing and child care and offer job preparation during their transition back into the workforce.  

Our specific purpose is to provide resources, charitable assistance for basic needs, and job preparation during a single mother’s transition back into the workforce.

40% of children in LAUSD in poverty are the children of families of single mothers :


Housing for Single Moms

Housing for Single Moms

Housing for Single Moms

Any support, donations or volunteering you can offer us would be greatly appreciated!  I know it's a large goal, but every dollar counts and means a lot as it will help us cover the down payment on the apartment building and cover all the expenses for the first year including insurance, utilities, renovations/repairs, salaries, etc.  SHE IS HOPE LA  is a non-profit 501©(3) organization 

Tax ID  #83-2159039.  Thank you!


Our goal is to purchase an approximately 10 unit apartment building and ensure utilities and taxes are accounted for via the discounted rents for the tenancy being offered, donations, ebook and swag sales, grants and fundraisers.  We are going to offer jobs in retail at the thrift store we will be opening, part time merchandising positions, positions to help around the apartment building and with the child care and real estate if they are interested.  Those that choose to learn real estate with the President/CEO, who is the broker/owner of SHE IS HOPE Realty. All agents will be asked to consider donating 0.5% of all transactions back to the nonprofit.    SHE IS HOPE LA Thrift Store will offer job opportunities and all of the profits will go back into SHE IS HOPE LA.


Thank You

Housing for Single Moms

Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

US stats

41% of children in single mother families live in poverty. 

LA County stats

* 25% of single mother households fall below the poverty line.

* 52% of single mother households with toddlers and school age children fall below the poverty line. 

* 32.5% of single mother households with school age children fall below the poverty line.

LAUSD stats

80% of children in LAUSD qualify for free or reduced lunch.  From the above stats this would logically mean that approximately 40% of children in LAUSD who qualify for free or reduced lunch are from families with single mothers.

LA County Source:

LAUSD Source:



How SHE IS HOPE LA was inspired

The world is beginning to understand the societal need to uplift mothers and children

The world is beginning to understand the societal need to uplift mothers and children

Tisha Janigian scraped by with her wits, and learned how to thrive as a new single mom in L.A.


The world is beginning to understand the societal need to uplift mothers and children

The world is beginning to understand the societal need to uplift mothers and children

The world is beginning to understand the societal need to uplift mothers and children

Many Angelenos are coming together on a mission to uplift the lives of single mothers in L.A., empowering more mothers and children to thrive in our city.


Investing in our society

The world is beginning to understand the societal need to uplift mothers and children

Investing in our society

The mission of SHE IS HOPE LA is direct aid to single mothers and their children, every day. 

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We are dedicated to improving the lives of those Single Moms starting over in the workplace. Your contribution today helps us make a difference in their lives!

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SHE IS HOPE L.A.'s Premier Gala was November 17th, 2019

SHE IS HOPE LA'S premier fundraising gala occurred on Sunday, November 17th, at 5pm.  Our generous Sponsors are provided delicious fare, refreshments and entertainment at the unique and beautiful Clarence Studio. Our star-studded Silent Auction was provided by  100% of donations help Single Mothers in Los Angeles.

Thanks to KCAL - 9 Los Angeles for such a wonderful interview and for sharing this event on CBS!  



**** Thank you so much for all our guests, sponsors and donations for SHE IS HOPE LA!  We move forward in 2020 knowing that we have your support and well wishes for a brighter future for L.A.'s  Single Families ****

Tisha's Story

My Journey

      I became a single mom when I was still married. Although things were far from perfect, I told myself I had taken the vow and had to make it work, plus I didn’t want to be a burden on my folks if I left.  When my 2 sons were born, both had a lot of health issues, which put even more stress on the relationship.  It was one surgery after another and I left my ex-husband 5 times starting when my second son was 6 months old.  

     I kept going back to my ex because finding work was difficult and my self-esteem had been worn down over the years and we lived with my parents each time, which wasn’t easy on them or our relationship.  I thought it would be easier for me to suffer if I could give the boys a better life so I kept going back to him...after the 5th attempt and lots of counseling, I finally got the strength to leave once and for all and pull myself up by my bootstraps.  

     My father and I drove to LA from Arizona in the summer of 2012 to find an apartment for the boys and I.  We found that no one wanted to rent to me as I had no credit (everything was under my ex’s name), had no money or assets (everything was in a storage container in Oklahoma and we didn’t own a house) and no one wanted a co-signer.  One apartment manager looked at my father and I and decided to take a chance on us and allowed him to co-sign.  The boys and I moved in that July, using a salvaged minivan that my folks gave us.  

      I have a Bachelor’s Degree and was looking for a part time job as I couldn’t afford before and after school child care, but everyone said I was overqualified and that I wouldn’t stay and refused to offer me a job.  Another single mom friend told me to look into a part time merchandising job so I applied. They also said I was overqualified but I talked them into hiring me!  

     At that point I was receiving $200 a month in food stamps for the boys and I, but it dropped to $10 a month once I got this part time job for a few hours a week.  I realized then that the system was broken as it perpetuates people to stay on it. I would have been better off if I stayed home and didn’t pay for the car, gas and insurance, etc. but knew I could do more and had to get back on my feet!  So I started to hustle and looked for free things that I thought I could sell on Craig’s List and in garage sales that were close by since I couldn’t afford a lot of gas for the minivan and it was older.  

     Growing up back East and working with my folks in the antiques business, I had a knack for this sort of thing and it helped pay our utilities.  Friends helped out with side jobs and babysitting opportunities as well.  Without these side businesses I didn’t have enough to cover utilities, even though I qualified for low income discounts. Between the work and child support I was receiving, it put me right in the gap above poverty, where not much assistance was available.  I was looking at Section 8 housing, but the waiting lists were incredibly long.  

     I was very fortunate to get promoted 6 months after started.  Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing because I now have 2 amazing sons who are my world.  

     After experiencing all of these challenges firsthand and speaking to so many other single moms and moms in bad relationships with similar experiences, it made me realize that I had to do something about it!  

This is my inspiration for SHE IS HOPE LA!



This  interview is with SHE IS HOPE LA founder, Tisha Janigian, invited by Robert Rico of CA Realty Training